Badges at home

Here’s some ideas you can come up with your own ideas too.

Once you’ve completed an area don’t forget to tell us. here’s a video of how to upload your evidence for us to review, this can be a short video, photos or documents. Click here to watch

Personal challenge award

  • Pick a personal challenge you can do at home to push yourself and improve your skills.

Creative challenge award

  • Learn to play a musical instrument (Start with short sessions and build up)
  • Photography
  • Cooking
  • Web design
  • Dance
  • Wood work/metal work etc
  • Needle/stitching

World challenge award

  • Take part in J.O.T.I 3rd-5th April 2020 Click here for more information
  • Learn about local government, different faiths and beliefs, different types of farming etc.

Skills challenge award

  • Creating a workout or physical activity (you can do at home or during session out the house for exercise) Continue for 4-6 weeks, record your achievement
  • Cooking and serve a 2-course meal
  • Washing up after dinner
  • Iron your scout uniform
  • Change a light bulb
  • Clean a toilet
  • Clean a hob and oven
  • Fix a bike puncture
  • Wash your clothes hang out to dry and put away
  • Any other home skill