Activity – 4 figure Grid reference

Next up, let’s find the grid reference of something. We’ll start with a 4 figure grid reference, as you learnt in the last section this will get you within 1KM of the point.

So to summarise:

  1. Use the bottom left corner of the grid.
  2. Always follow the rule along the corridor and up the stairs.
  3. Put the two number side by side to make your grid reference.

ACTIVITY – 4 figure grid reference.

  • Take a look at your Chichester Explorer map, locate your house on the map and find the 4 figure grid reference for it.
  • Now find the scout hut
  • Finally, work out the grid reference for your school.

Now you’ve got the hang off it let’s go further afield follow this link to a questionnaire, it will be marked straight away. The score doesn’t matter this is for your information, you can take do it again if you want.

Activity – Quiz

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